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A plastic-free Embassy


A plastic-free Embassy

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The objective of the initiative is to gradually reduce and then completely eliminate the use of disposable plastic at the Embassy, ​​adopting and implementing the Decalogue launched by the Ministry of the Environment.

This initiative aims at raising awareness of the importance of reducing the use of plastic to avoid the spread of plastics and microplastics in the environment, particularly in the seas, which damage living organisms and humans.

How to do it

1. Apply the 4R rule: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover

2. Limit the use of products with excessive packaging (snacks, biscuits, packaged fruit juices) and favor the consumption of fresh products

3. Take your cup to the office to consume hot drinks

4. Discard the plastic straws

5. Use reusable canvas bags instead of plastic ones

6. Avoid disposable tableware, such as cutlery and plastic plates, and use your own food containers

7. Reduce the use of lighters

8. In ordering the lunch to be delivered to the headquarters, ask the suppliers to use recyclable materials and crockery

9. Watch out for toothpastes and scrubs, many contain small plastic particles

10. Prefer the use of reusable containers to store food

The idea of making the Embassy in Oslo the first Italian pastic-free Embassy had a very strong echo also in Italy, so strong that the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa and the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Manlio Di Stefano, together with other high Italian and Norwegian authorities, accepted our invitation to attend the inauguration ceremony of the initiative, which took place on March 4th 2019.

Their support and their participation have been a source of great pride for all of us and contributed to give us an extra motivation to continue with initiatives of this kind, in the awareness that from small simple gestures it is possible, together, to achieve important results.