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The Italian Ambassadro visits Prysmian Norge



The Italian Ambassadro visits Prysmian Norge

On 21 June Ambassador Alberto Colella visited the factory and offices of Prysmian Group Norge, based in Drammen and part of the Italian conglomerate Prysmian Group, based in Milan.

Prysmian was founded in 2005 as the successor of Pirelli Cavi, and is today the world leader in the production of cables utilized in the energy and telecommunications and optical fibers sectors.

Prysmian Norge (which still uses the old Draka Norsk Kabel brand in Norway) currently employs around 150 people in the Drammen port area, and manifactures a vast range of cables from traditional cables to more complex cables for the industry, oil & gas, energy and telecommunications sectors. In its field of activity, Prysmian Norge is one of the most modern and efficient company in the country: a true Italian excellence.

Together with managing director Humberto Paiva and financial director Marco Domenighini, the Ambassador visited the factory where the cables are built and then exported all over the world.

Many of the technicians who work at the factory in Drammen are Italian, often detached from Prysmian's Italian production facilities.


the Ambassador insede and outside the factory