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Paolo Vinaccia, a magician of drums and percussion, has passed away



Paolo Vinaccia, a magician of drums and percussion, has passed away

The drummer, percussionist and composer Paolo Vinaccia died on Friday 5 July at the age of 65. Paolo was an extraordinary representative of Italy’s musical jazz culture in Norway. Arrived in this country in 1979, Paolo has played and collaborated with hundreds of artists for forty years, recording and realizing over three hundred songs and compositions not only for jazz music, but also in other musical genres.

Last Tuesday Paolo, who already had received a Gammleng award in 1997, was awarded the Ellaprisen from the Oslo Jazz Festival. The prize should have been delivered during the opening concert of the Festival in mid-August, but the deterioration of the musician's health led the jury to go personally to Paolo's home and present him the prize in advance.

Countless words of praise and appreciation have been expressed about Paolo by experts and fans in the press and on social media, praise and appreciation that we fully share.

With the passing away of Paolo, the Norwegian music community and we all have lost a great artist and a great professional, but also a man who, in addition to his artistic skills, was characterized by his warm and generous personality.

Our deepest condolences to Paolo's family and friends in Norway and in Italy.

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photo: Tore Sætre/Wikimedia