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Institutional framework


Institutional framework

 The national and European research programs constitute a key and decisive element for a growing process of knowledge which in upcoming years will also have to sustain economy and occupation. 

The bilateral activities should mainly be influenced by the necessity to contribute to the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA), favouring initiatives born from a synergy between scientific attachés and national excellency groups (universities, research institutes and enterprises) engaged in R&D activities that would be predisposed to internationalisation of their activities.

It is therefore essential to favour: 

  • the realisation of European network of research in Excellency sectors for our country;
  • the inclusion of research groups and Italian companies involved in development networks of projects born for the initiative of the crediting country;
  • the development of more extensive interactions between the national delegates and the European Union’s research programs;
  • the interaction with the institutions of our country engaged in the spread of research programs and the formation of the European Commission and to the representative agencies of groups of researchers such as scientific Associations and Societies;
  • the process of researcher mobility stimulating the realisation of formation networks or of research infrastructure;
  • the definition of initiatives at a European level within the annual programming;
  • the strengthening of the dialogue between scientific attachés, also offering the respective knowledge in the field of elaborating research networks;
  • the integration of the E.U.’s FP research themes in the phase of preparation of Bilateral Protocols.