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Papers on Norway


Papers on Norway

The Economic and Social Papers are a series of short documents, in Italian and accompanied by data and statistics, intended to briefly illustrate some relevant aspects of contemporary Norwegian society and life.
The papers are available on this site and on our social media.

The Sami are a little known people, even in Italy, but have very ancient history and culture.
In view of the Venice Biennale, in 2022, which will host the Nordic pavilion dedicated to the Sami, we are publishing a new, in-depth e-book on the troubled Saami history and culture, art and traditions, and on the protection of their rights too often violated in the past. An original book, among the very few in Italian on the Sami people. (April 2021)

Which are the Norwegian political parties, what do they do and where do they come from? What role do they play? And what is the difference between the Norwegian and the Italian political system?
These and other questions are answered in the new Embassy paper, addressed to those who approach and want to better understand the reality of the host country.

What and how much do Norwegians read? What is the state of the daily press in Norway? And who owns the Norwegian newspapers and media? These and other questions are answered in this paper dedicated to an overview of Norwegian newspapers and media (August 2020)

This paper illustrates the role of religion in Norway, highlighting the most widespread religions in the country, analyzing the characteristics of the relationship between State and Churches, and highlighting the most relevant issues related to religious practice (July 2020)