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Consular Services


Consular Services

Consular services are provided by the Consular Chancery of the Embassy of Italy in Oslo and by the consular network according to the principles of equality, impartiality, efficiency and transparency and in compliance with European legislation on the protection of personal data (Article 13 of EU Reg. 679 / 2016).

The diplomatic-consular representations abroad protect their nationals in various circumstances. For example: violation of their fundamental rights, arrest or detention, emergencies in crisis situations, search for family members, issue of travel documents in case of loss or theft of passports, repatriation of bodies.

The exercise of some rights and access to some services are limited only to Italians who have registered in the Registry of Italians Residing Abroad (AIRE), mandatory under Law no. 470 of 1988.

For a detailed description of the services provided by the Italian Diplomatic-Consular Network abroad, please consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For a description of the consular services that can be requested from the Consular Chancery of the Embassy of Italy in Oslo and for the relevant forms, please consult the appropriate sections of this site:


icona aire


passaporto imm


icona cie

Electronic ID cards

icona etd

Emergency Travel Document

icona notarile

Notary services

icona stato civile

Civil status

icona patente

Driving licences

icona cittadinanza 1


icona minori in viaggio

Minors travelling

icona studi


codice fiscale icona

Tax code

icona assistenza


icona pensioni


icona elezioni

Electoral services