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How to get a new passport

The issuance of a passport is subject to the registration of all civil status documents in Italy (birth, marriage and divorce). In case of doubt, check with the Consular Chancery or with your local Municipality in Italy.

Adults (over 18)

To request a new passport, simply fill in the appropriate application form and send it with the relevant attachments to the Consular Chancery.
If you have minor children, it is essential that the other parent completes the consent form for the issuance of the passport in favor of those who request it.
If one of the parents comes from a non-EU country (therefore also Norwegian parents), it is necessary to have his/her signature legalized on the consent form. In Norway this can be done at the Embassy, an honorary Vice Consulate or the Police; in Iceland at the Honorary Consulate in Reykjavik.
The application can be sent in advance by e-mail ( attaching a copy of the required identity documents.
The 2 passport-size photos, the old passport and the original of the application can be handed in to the consular office on the day of the fingerprint appointment.

Minors (under 18)

TRAVELING MINORS: All Italian minors who travel must have an individual travel document (individual passport or, for States that recognize its validity, an identity card valid for expatriation).
To apply for a passport, parents must complete and sign the application form for a new passport in favor of minors under 18.
In both cases, once all the necessary documentation is ready, it must be sent by post to the Consular Chancery.
A copy of the documentation with the attachments (consent, copy of the identity document) can be submitted in advance to the Consular Chancery by e-mail at:
Once your application has been checked, the Consular Chancery will arrange an appointment to take fingerprints and issue the new passport.

In summary you need:

1) the passport application form (ADULT/MINOR);
2) copy of the identity document (of each parent in the case of minor children);
3) only for children under the age of 12, who request the shipment of the new passport to their residential address, the old passport if still valid;
4) two recent passport-size photos, 35x40. For the issuance of passports for children under 12, the legalization of photographs is mandatory at the Consular Chancery or at the offices of the Honorary Vice Consuls, after making an appointment with them;
5) if the passport is to be sent by post, a postage-paid envelope indicating the recipient's address and postage to cover the cost of a registered shipment to Norway (from approx. 200, - NOK).

The issue of the passport is subject to a consular fee which varies slightly on a quarterly basis based on the fluctuation of the EUR / NOK exchange rate. 
Payment is to be made on the day of the appointment with a debit / credit card belonging to the Bank Axept circuit.
In the event that it is necessary (only for children under 12) to send the passport, it will be possible to proceed with the payment by bank credit (contact the Consular Chancery).