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2 March 2015
32nd International Seminar of Medieval Architecture, Archeology and Craftsmanship (Cucagna Castle, Faedis).

Interested in stone carving and wicker waiving? Learn more about it by taking part in the restoration of the medieval castles of Chucco-Zucco and Cucagna. Here you will find information on the second session of the 32.nd Summer International Seminar started in August 2014 (SEIAM 2014) and organized by the Institute for te Reconstruction of […]

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11 February 2015
#prideandprejudice. Something that no one is saying about Italy. Some economic data of which we never hear, or not enough.

Italy is often described, especially in the international community, based on some negative indicators: public debt, low competitiveness, the nominal budget deficit (which in the past has led to the opening of an infringement procedure by the Commission European). However, alongside these data there are economic gains to represent Italy for what it is: one […]

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12 November 2014
Ambassador Giorgio Novello received by the President of the Republic of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson at Bessastadir.

After having attended  the Arctic Circle Assembly 2014, a forum for dialogue and discussions on Arctic issues, launched last year by the President of the Republic of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Ambassador Giorgio Novello has had the honour to have a lengthy and cordial meeting with President Grímsson at Bessastadir, the official residence of the President. During […]

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6 June 2014
Beyond the Arctic Circle “Italian day in Tromsø” – Italian and Norwegian Co-operation in the Arctic Region (11 June 2014)

The project Beyond the Arctic Circle “Italian day in Tromsø” – Italian and Norwegian Co-operation in the Arctic Region” is a one-day seminar in four sessions, designed to highlight the Italian presence and contribution to the Norwegian Arctic capital and its region. The event is co-organized by the Embassy of Italy in Oslo and the Arctic […]

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19 February 2014
“Roma: 100 unike opplevelser”: en rykende fersk reiseguide om Roma. 

“Roma: 100 unike opplevelser” er tittelen på Kagge Forlags rykende ferske Roma-guide skrevet av Anders Hornslien, tidligere stortingsrepresentant som nå bor i Roma og kjenner vår hovedstad svært godt.Utgivelsen byr på mange gode råd og forslag, ikke minst for å bli kjent med de mer bortgjemte (og nettopp derfor så fascinerende) hjørner av den evige […]

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7 February 2014
Ambassadør Giorgio Novello besøker Askim Videregående og møter italienske elever.

Ambassadør Giorgio Novello besøkte i går Askim Videregående Skole i forbindelse med et utvekslingsprogram mellom Askim VGS og den italienske videregående skolen ” Liceo Classico e Istituto Tecnico economico dell’Istituto San Gregorio Barbarigo” i Padova. Utvekslingsprogrammet er en del av EU-programmet ”Comenius” og det har pågått i over 10 år med stor suksess og tilfredsstillelse […]

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29 January 2014
Den internasjonale holocaustdagen – minnemarkeringen ved Akershuskaia.

Den internasjonale holocaustdagen (27. januar) er en årlig internasjonal minnedag, opprettet av FN til minne om ofrene for holocaust. Den 27. januar 1945 kom sovjetiske styrker fra Den røde Armeen fram til Auschwitz og satt fri de overlevende fangene. Også i år fant markeringen i Oslo sted på Akershuskaia ved Antony Gormleys minnesmerke -åtte tomme […]

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27 January 2014
Ambassador Giorgio Novello keynote speaker at Arctic Frontiers 2014.

  The Arctic Frontiers Conference, established in 2006 and organized annually in the city of Tromsoe, has become an increasingly important international arena for discussion on development in the Arctic and Arctic issues bringing together representatives from politics, science and civil society to share perspectives on how upcoming challenges in the Arctic may be addressed […]

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27 January 2014
Giorgio Novello Ambassador of Italy to Iceland – presentation of credentials to the President of the Republic of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.

On 15th January Ambassador Giorgio Novello assumed his duties as Ambassador of Italy to Iceland by presenting his credentials to the President of the Republic of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. The ceremony was held at the Presidential Residence at Bessastaðir and was followed by a long and cordial conversation between the President and the new […]

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24 January 2014
“Re-start Italia” – a roundtable organized by the Norwegian think tank Skaperkrat with focus on Italy.

On Monday January 13th Ambassador Giorgio Novello has participated in the roundtable “Re-start Italy” organized by the Norwegian  think tank Skaperkrat and held in the Oslo premises of Amnesty International. In his introduction and during the following debate the Ambassador presented current trends of the Italian situation outlining the solidity of its macro-economy, the general economic […]

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