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Tourism in Italy

Italy is one of the main Mediterranean destinations for Norwegian tourists. 70% of Norwegians stayed abroad during summer 2022, with Sweden (1.5 million) and Spain (with around 800,000 Norwegian visitors) leading the list of most visited countries, followed by Denmark (around 600,000), Italy and France, which saw an increase in attendance of around 30%. Spain once again overtook Denmark in the post-pandemic period, when the lock-down had reduced the possibility of traveling by plane. In 2022, Norwegians made around 7 million trips abroad, spending 7.4 billion euros. Although only 24% of trips were undertaken outside Norway, 44% of Norwegians’ money was spent on trips abroad.

Overall, Italy ranks seventh as a tourist destination in terms of number of trips made, preceded by Sweden, Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Greece and France. Compared to its Mediterranean competitors, Italy is particularly affected by the lower number of direct air connections to/from Norway. The Covid-19 pandemic has penalized tourism in Mediterranean countries – except Spain, where many Norwegians have second homes – in favor of Northern European destinations, closer to Norway and accessible both by car and by sea. Thanks to a favorable exchange rate, although the price level is still high, Italian tourism in Norway is growing, particularly in the north of the country. Around 300,000 Norwegians visit Italy every year and around 120,000 Italian tourists stay in hotels in Norway.

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