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Webinar 11 July | Italian research in the Arctic | Conclusion of the High North21 campaign

Webinar on the occasion of the scientific research campaign in the Arctic conducted by the research vessel ITS Alliance


Italian research in the Arctic – Conclusion of the High North21 campaign

The Italian Navy launched in 2017 a multiyear Research Program in the Arctic, named HIGH NORTH. A three-years activity (2020-2022) is in progress to further deepen the knowledge of the Arctic ocean, consolidating and further developing scientific research.
The purpose of HIGH NORTH21 scientific cruise is also to perform a 3D-mapping from the satellite (in cooperation with e-Geos) to the seabed of the Arctic Ocean.

When:Sunday 11 July 2021 – at 14:00 (POSTPONED due to technical problems)

Platform: Webex

Organizers: Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute and Embassy of Italy in Oslo


Welcome intervention:

    • Alberto Colella, Ambassador of Italy to Norway
    • Carmine Robustelli, Italian Arctic Ambassador 

Roberta Ivaldi, scientific coordinator of the campaign, Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute

Maurizio Demarte, Logistic Expedition Chief of the High North program

Kim Holmén, International Director, Norwegian Polar Institute

Kenneth Ruud, Prorector of Research, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Closing remarks: Massimiliano Nannini, Rear Admiral, Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute


Language: English
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